Rugby Chairs FAQ

Q: Why do Vesco Rugby chairs cost more than some other brands?

A: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten”- Benjamin Franklin

Our frames are ‘heat treated’ which is a costly and time consuming process, but in the end, when all is said and done, the increased durability and longevity of our chairs makes VMC rugby chairs the cost efficient choice. Next, our attention to detail is unsurpassed…period. We verify all dimensions with our customers before we begin the building process and when the chair is complete, again, all dimensions are verified prior to shipping. We at Vesco sponsor more top level athletes than any other rugby chair manufacturer, utilizing their feedback to continuously improve our product. We have never been satisfied with the ‘status quo’ and are committed to achieving ‘Rugby Chair Nirvana’ (RCN)

Q: My friend and I have a bet we would like you to settle. He says the welds on your chairs are to perfect to be done by a human, so you must use a robotic welder. I say B.S., robotic welders are too expensive to use on ‘one-off’ wheelchairs... who is right?

A: You are! Actually our head welder retired from N.A.S.A where he used his expertise to perform critical welds on the Space Shuttle, along with other highly demanding projects. His first trek into welding took place for the ‘Wright Brothers'... just kidding, he’s not THAT old (but almost).

Q: What is all the hype about ‘Heat Treated’ frames?

A: No Hype, just a fact. As with most major manufacturers, our frames are constructed utilizing 6061 T-6 aluminum, which typically has 45,000 PSI tensile strength prior to welding and typically 27,000 PSI (in the heat affected zone) after welding. The ‘Heat Affected Zone’ (HAZ) is the area immediately adjacent the weld in which the aluminum becomes annealed (softened) due to the intense heat generated from the welding process and it is in the HAZ that 99% of all cracks initiate.

Heat treating of 6061 aluminum is a 3 stage process, in which we utilize a local company that specializes in this complex process to assure the finished product meets the required specifications. The heat treating process removes the ‘Heat Affected Zones’ and restores the tubing back to its pre-welded T-6 state. This is not to say that our frames will never crack, as all aluminum has a fatigue limit, but the likelihood of a crack originating in the heat affected zone is almost nil.

Q: VMC developed the 5/8” axle which has saved me tons of money in bent axles, but why didn’t you just go with a 3/4" or 1” axle so they never bend?

A: Good question, but remember that in a big hit, something has to give. If the axle doesn’t yield to the impact, the force will be transferred to the wheel, which results in a bent rim and / or broken spokes, both of which are more time consuming and costly to repair or replace than an axle.

Q: I am a new injury and have never ordered a rugby chair before. Can I just use my everyday chair measurements?

A: No, the two have nothing in common. It is critical to get your measurements correct in order to maximize everything your new rugby chair can offer you. We have a data base of every chair we have built and our office staff has over 25 years experience playing the sport so we are well equipped to help you through the ordering process. Please give us a call using our toll free phone number (U.S. only) or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Q: I really can’t afford a new chair, do you have any ideas or maybe used chairs?

A: First I would suggest applying for a Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) grant. Check out their website Talk to other players in your area to find out about any other organizations that may be able to help you out with the purchase of a new chair.

Next, give us a call. Occasionally we will sell our Demo chairs to make room for new models along with our ‘Sponsored Athletes’ trade-in chairs. Lastly, check out our ‘PRE-OWNED CHAIR CONNECTION’ forum coming soon to our website. The forum will be used to connect buyers to sellers and will be strictly focused on rugby chairs only.

Q: Where can I find the Owner's or Maintenance Manual for my chair?

A: Please click here to access the manual.

Q: Where can I find chair repair videos?

A: Please click here to access our YouTube channel.

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