Many people ask: “How did you get started building Rugby chairs?” Here is the long and short of it all…

In 2002, Neil attended a business meeting with wheelchair manufacturer Colours N’ Motion and met Mike Box who explained that he built Quad Rugby chairs after normal business hours and needed help completing back-orders. Neil commuted between San Diego to Colours in Los Angles helping Mike until finally taking over his backlog of new orders when Mike became too busy. Neil built only one chair using Mike’s frame design. He collaborated with his father to create a totally new chair design that would deliver an unprecedented level of performance. The operation and production for VMC was moved into Tom’s home garage. Metal fabrication was a lifetime hobby for Tom and his collection of tools and metal working equipment rivaled most shops. This setup enabled Tom to help out in his free-time from his business as a custom home framer and enabled Neil to fully dedicate his efforts.

When Neil met Paul Richardson, along with other members of the San Diego Bushwackers quad rugby team and explained VMC’s innovative design, it wasn’t long before most of the Bushwackers were pushing new Vesco’s. The San Diego team’s travels to tournaments exposed the VMC chair to players from everywhere in the world and created a backlog of orders. The demand was so great that Tom decided to retire from 32 years of framing to build chairs full time.

When more than 150 custom chairs were produced from the home shop and a strong demand still existed for its product, VMC decided to expand. Paul Richardson became a partner in Vesco Metal Craft Inc. and in 2005, VMC moved into a shell building and customized it to its specs. To date, the new shop has been the “birthplace” for well over 2500 custom Rugy chairs.

A dedicated team of highly qualified personnel ensures that VMC will continue to stay a step ahead of the competition for years to come. Innovations such as heat treating the frames, polyethylene spoke guards, 5/8” axles, ‘extreme ergo’ seating, e-z transfer and lowered wings, are just some examples of how VMC has lead the design evolution for wheelchair rugby chairs and raised consumer expectations for excellence concerning quality and performance.

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